V-Stretch Enlargement Exercise Instructions

The V-Stretch Technique – An Easy Guide

Whenever you stretch your penis by grabbing the head and simply pulling (gently!) outward from your body, the results are limited by the axis along which the stretch occurs. This can result in an increase in penis length, but it’s not the most effective stretch.

The V Stretch Technique is more effective than simple pulling because it creates tension and imbalances throughout your penis. This has a long-term lengthening effect and yields faster results.

Steps V-Stretch Exercise Instructions
1 Make an “okay” sign with the thumb and index finger of your right hand. The palm of your right hand should be facing outward (away from your body). Grip the head of your penis.
2 Second, gradually stretch your penis with your right hand. Once fully-extended, hold it for 5 seconds.
3 Using the thumb of your left hand, start at the base of your penis and begin applying gentle force against the penis.
4 Slowly move your left thumb toward the head of your penis, applying force along the way. This should take 10 seconds.
5 Use your left thumb to apply force from the head of your penis as it travels back to the base.
6 Repeat this training circuit for 5 minutes.


Overview Of The V Stretch Technique

In order to maximize your efforts, you need to focus on the tunica (the envelope that surrounds your penis). It’s more elastic than the other parts of your penis and can withstand more force exerted upon it by stretching.

By using the V Stretch Technique, you’ll apply physics to enlarge your penis. The tension exerted on the tunica by merely stretching your penis outward from the base is limited. This is because the suspensory ligaments throughout your penis absorb the force. However, by focusing tension on small sections of the tunica, you can stretch it for long-term effect.

Stretching your penis and tunica by simply pulling outward is similar to hanging on a dangling rope. The V Stretch Technique puts focused pressure on sections of the tunica, creating a “V” sign. Your tunica’s elasticity absorbs the force while gradually lengthening.

Notes For Maximum Results with the V-Stretch
While doing the V Stretch Technique, take a few seconds to get the blood flowing between stretches. Shake your penis vigorously to encourage blood flow.
Also, try to slowly increase the force you’re exerting on your penis each day. If you don’t, the stretches may lose their effectiveness as your penis adapts and rebuilds the fibers throughout the tunica (making the V Stretch Technique harder in the future).
Lastly, if you experience severe pain while applying pressure against your penis, stop doing the exercise. Your tunica is elastic, but it’s possible to exert too much pressure. Go slowly, stretch gradually and increase force a little each day. Results may not appear immediately, but you will notice a difference over time.